My SUDA Experience

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I have been a SUDA student since my freshman year at Castlemont high school. In that time I have witnessed great things occur such as field trips, waste audits and changes in my community. My first field trip with SUDA was in 9th grade, I remember feeling a little nervous because this was my first school camping trip. My biggest worry was being embarrassed or not making friends, especially since I was new to the school. I ended up forgetting about my worries, There was no worrying about how my family was going to afford to pay the bills or if I was going to make it home safe every day, For those 3 days, it was only me, 20 other students and the environment.  I remember the first night there not hearing any gunshots or sirens made me nervous, I was familiar to those sounds. In the city, the movement and chaos is like chirping birds. Our form of nature calls. Well the moral of this story is I enjoyed myself and wanted to stay a part of the program. I found myself being the first one to turn in their permission slips for field trips. The hands on learning and experiences I was receiving made me want more. I became more involved in my community as a result of the SUDA course. My 10th grade year, I was a SUDA intern who worked in the garden and planted trees around the community. I am now a senior at Castlemont and I continue to see the impact SUDA has on the students and the Castle community. SUDA has become another family for me.

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